If teaching AP has, in turn, taught me anything, it’s to pay attention to word choice– connotation, denotation, contranyms (my new favorite teacher geek word this year), homonyms. I love to pick apart language and hyper-analyze what people say, find interesting connections between language and meaning.

project (noun) 

  1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.
  2. a large or major undertaking, especially one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment.
  3. a specific task of investigation, especially in scholarship.
  4. Education. a supplementary, long-term educational assignment necessitating personal initiative, undertaken by an individual student or a group of students.

project (verb)

  1. to propose, contemplate, or plan.
  2. to throw, cast, or impel forward or onward.
  3. to set forth or calculate (some future thing): They projected the building costs for the next five years.
  4. to throw or cause to fall upon a surface or into space, as a ray of light or a shadow.
  5. to cause (a figure or image) to appear, as on a background.
  6. to regard (something within the mind, as a feeling, thought, or attitude) as having some form of reality outside the mind: He projected a thrilling picture of the party’s future.
  7. to cause to jut out or protrude. | source

One might, in this case, project a project. My five advanced creative writing kiddos did this today. Nine-week projects, self-designed with five checkpoints. The big goals for each are, in essence:

  • a collection of LGBTQIA short stories, all geared toward self-discovery and identity (5-15K words per story)
  • a MG high fantasy novel (30-50K total words)
  • a YA mainstream revision / novel completion (50K+30K=80K+ total words)
  • a YA fantasy / sci-fi novel and a play (12K+20K = 30K+) + (?)
  • two to three completed and revised short stories, ready to submit for publication (5-10K per story)

I am so dorkily excited about these projects because these kiddos are friggin amazing.


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