Nuances of Character

In my SAT-ACT prep class, I tried to design a well-rounded curriculum, and this week one of the items on our to-learn list involves Nuances of Character.  Here’s my KidBlog post for their first short written response.

Today, we’re looking at nuances and attitudes of character.  According to Google, a nuance is “a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.”  Sometimes characters fall into stock categories (the knight, the princess in distress, the wise mentor.)  These are called archetypes.  Nuances can be small things about characters that make them stand out from other characters.  Let’s look at Fiona from Shrek.

Princess_FionaFiona does not represent the stock character of the “princess in distress” for several reasons.  Although she is apparently in distress, she can definitely fend for herself, unlike other stock princesses.  And while she wants a handsome prince to rescue her from her tower, she eventually accepts her fate that her prince is Shrek who doesn’t fit the fantasy she had planned for so many years.  She hides a deep secret about herself and her past which is sometimes revealed when she fights the robbers in the woods, sings and explodes a bird, or belches after breakfast.  These are all subtle nuances that make her different than other princesses in distress.

Write about 100 words about a character from a book, television show, film, or cartoon that displays subtle nuances of being different than other stock characters.  For reference, the above paragraph is a little over 100 words.  Obviously, don’t use Fiona as your example as that’s already been taken.


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